7 Reasons Why it’s Imperative to Have a Seating Plan at Your Wedding

On June 28, 2017

I’ve been asked a few times lately why couples should have a seating plan for their wedding. There are actually many reasons why you should.

I highly suggest making one, even though it’s a really tough job to work through. Trust me; it will benefit you, your caterer, your wedding planner and most importantly your guests.

Here are 7 reasons why it’s a good idea to have a seating plan at your wedding.


1. It’s way less chaotic when your guests arrive

When guests don’t know where to go or what to do…They just stand there at the entrance. For the most part, they aren’t going to just take a seat somewhere and go on with the day. They will just bottleneck at the entrance.

2. Your family matters

Without a seating plan, your family members might not be able to sit close to you. It’s all about who gets there first, not about the guests who should have a special place. That being said, I have seen a few tables reserved for family and everything else is open; but I still wouldn’t recommend doing this, especially with a larger wedding.

3. Tables will be even

Without a seating plan, your guests will take it upon themselves to move chairs to a different table. This causes problems for the catering staff, but also just makes some tables super squishy. They’ll also fill sections and leave others empty; therefore your guests won’t be evenly distributed through-out the entire room.



4. You can keep guests separated easier

Like it or not, unfortunately most weddings have a few people who don’t get along. With a seating plan, it’s easier to keep them on opposite ends of the room.

5. Allergies and dietary restrictions won’t be ignored

Your caterer will be able to make sure your guests with allergies and restrictions are getting the correct food. If your guests are all sitting randomly, those few guests with restrictions will be way harder to find. Even if you’re going with a buffet, it’s really important that your caterer and your wedding planner know who these individuals are.

6. Guests will meet other guests at your wedding

People don’t usually go out of their way to talk to new people. If they’re with people they know, they will most likely just stick around those people. If you have a seating plan, you can seat likeminded people that you think should get to know each other. That way you won’t have a bunch of groups segregating your wedding. This may sound okay, but it will cause problems though-out the night. Your event probably won’t be as exciting because no one has to come out of their comfort zone. Guests may not even dance.

7. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings

If you have some shy guests, or guests that don’t really know anyone at the wedding, you’re going to end up making them feeling awkward and alone. Nothing is worse than sitting at a table all alone while there are other tables with lots of people who know each other.



A seating plan seems like a lot of work, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. Do you need more wedding advice?


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