My Session with Shraddha Rathi- End of the World and Sherwood Park

On September 28, 2016

nicole-schell-edmonton-wedding-plannerOn more than one occasion I’ve been told that they weren’t sure what I looked like, even after doing some digging online. I update my website and social media weekly, yet they still didn’t really see ME in any of those posts.

The truth is that I enjoy being behind the scenes rather than being in front….That’s true when it comes to the camera too. This is probably the only photo anyone ever saw of me….


Nicole Schell Edmonton Wedding Planner


When Shraddha Rathi of DreamGrapher shot our last styled shoot, she told me that I had to get my headshots redone as soon as possible. Not going to lie, the thought of that freaked me out.  I was comfortable with my almost 6 year old photo being the only image of me.




Anyhow, so the lovely Shraddha took some beautiful pictures of me last week and I was delighted that they actually tell my story. You can see my personality in them. I was also super excited because she wanted to do some shots with my horse, Misty too.




First we went to the End of the World. If you’re not familiar with the place,you might want to check it out! I go there for the view, but it also is a place that allows me to sit back and relax. That is a real place in the background! It’s not a green screen or anything.




To be honest, I am not sure what Shraddha and I were talking about here. She was clearly trying to make me laugh though! She might have actually said, “Niki, I don’t think you’d be happy with your smile right now”. HAHA.




After that we went out to visit Misty in Sherwood Park. It was such a gorgeous evening and Misty was in a really loving mood. She was so excited that Shraddha and I were taking her out for a little walk. She also seems to really enjoy getting her photo taken (I have taken her photo lots, so this isn’t something that is new to me).




Unfortunately, she is an animal so she still has a mind of her own. Too bad her ears are back for this photo!




My pretty girl! On another note, I usually have animal hair on me (I try my best to get it all off, but sometimes it’s just not possible). I’ve also got two cats at home and I’m fostering chinchillas for Infinite Woofs.




This photo is one of my favorites because you can tell Misty has two different colored eyes. The one on the left is brown and the one on the right is a really light blue. We’re also both starting to relax while getting our photos taken.




This is me; sporting the black nails that I’ve talked about lots on my blog.





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