9 Ways to Involve Your Sibling(s) in Your Wedding Planning and at Your Wedding

On December 2, 2015


I have a younger brother and an identical twin sister. We have always been pretty close, so that’s what gave me the idea to talk about siblings in today’s blog entry. There are many ways to incorporate your siblings in your wedding.

Here are 9 ideas to get your siblings involved in your wedding.


1. Ask them to be a part of your wedding party.

See if your sister(s) would like to be a Bridesmaid of Maid of Honour. Inquire if your brother(s) would like to be a Groomsmen or a Best Man. This is a way to really include them into your wedding.

2. Invite them to help you find the perfect dress.

Your siblings probably know you pretty well; they might be the best people to have for something like this. They can be your voice of reason when your head is spinning.

3. Have your brother be an usher.

Your brother will most likely know most guests, so this would be the perfect job for him if he’s not around much before the wedding. He will be able to mingle with the guests and direct them to their proper seat.

4. Plan a sibling’s getaway day.

Coordinate a day before the wedding to hang out with your brothers/sisters. It’s a good day to catch up and have some fun.

A happy groom and bride  tossed into sky by a group of friends

5. Include your siblings in events before the wedding.

Make sure they are invited to the wedding shower and the bachelor/bachelorette party. Thank them for coming and let them know that you are grateful that they are by your side.

6. Have them show off their talent at your wedding.

Are your siblings musically inclined? Maybe they can play and instrument or sing something while you walk down the aisle. Or maybe one of your sidekick siblings has the gift of gab? Have him or her be the emcee for the night. Is one of your siblings a designer or just crazy artistic? Have them add their special touch to your wedding by designing something (help by building your theme, making something for your wedding or even taking part in some of the stationery designs?)

7. Find out if they’re interested in planning the events before.

They will jump on the opportunity to plan something amazing for you, whether it is the wedding shower or bachelor/bachelorette party.

8. Use their things for wedding traditions.

Think about them when planning your “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. Does your sister still have that amazing necklace that would go perfect with your dress? That could be your something borrowed. Maybe your brother has a blue shirt/blanket/memento that could be your something blue. I’ve seen some neat pinterest ideas that you could possibly check out if you’re thinking about that. Or maybe you just want them to join you in finding an incredible something new.

9. Choreograph a dance for you and your siblings to do at your wedding.

So I have a secret to tell you. My little brother and I have dance parties when he’s around. We set up the Xbox and dance our hearts out to Dance Central. SHHHH, don’t tell him I told you. But honestly, we have so much fun doing it that I think it would be neat to incorporate into a wedding. Maybe even consider bringing the Xbox for more family fun.


I’m sure whatever you decide to do to honour them, it will be perfect.

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