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On January 23, 2015


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Social media has become huge in the past 10 years and has changed the way we look at many things. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. Most people use at least one of these daily.  I’ve noticed that because we’ve gotten so used to using them, couples are now starting to choose to integrate these media outlets into their weddings.

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Brides and Grooms are making hashtags for their wedding’s (there are even websites that can help the couple make original hashtags for them). The guests are then told to use the hashtag when they post anything involving the wedding on their social media pages. I think this is neat because it allows all of the guests to see the different photos and videos from the wedding. In a strange way, it’s potentially bringing the wedding guests closer. It’s also great that the couple can see the photos from their wedding almost instantly.

Then there’s many couples opting to have an unplugged ceremony. This means that they will not allow any of their guests to use their phone/camera during the ceremony. In all honesty, I like this idea. I can imagine that some professional photographers hate when weddings aren’t unplugged. If the wedding is not unplugged, it means that the photographers have to dodge those guests standing in the middle of the aisle trying to get a photo. This could also mean that they might have to forfeit an excellent photo because a guest and their camera (or phone) is in their shot. I also believe that if you’re a guest trying to take video or a picture, you’re missing a lot of the wedding. I consider a wedding to be romantic and about the love. If you’re just trying to get a photo, you miss the overall feeling of the wedding. I believe that the guests should leave the photography and videography to the professionals…At least at the ceremony.

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Social media has also changed what we do during the downtimes of our weddings. According to, 49% of brides updated their marital status from “engaged” to “married” between the ceremony and reception. The time between the ceremony and reception used to be for pictures and for the couple to spend some alone time together. The fact that we all have smart phones may have actually taken that whole idea away. Maybe social media is bringing the guests closer, and the couple farther apart? We are so worried about telling the world, that we forgot to embrace the person who we are there for.

I think, like everything, we have to use social media sparingly at weddings. I like that hashtags are making weddings more visible to everyone; but I also like that couples are opting to have unplugged ceremonies. I trust that over the next few years we will find a happy medium for social media. Couples will start to realize that social media can spread the word about their wedding, but in the end they just need to celebrate with each other.



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