The Secret to Designing a Stunning Tablescape for Your Wedding

On July 21, 2018

album299of369A few years ago, I had an argument with my brother about how black rims would look good on my car.

He insisted that it would look funny, but I could see the end picture without even putting the rims on. I knew they’d look good. He put them on (more just to try and prove me wrong I think) and they looked awesome (he admitted it too). Anyhow, it’s the same with tablescapes; I can visualize them instantly. I think it’s one of those things that I just take for granted. I have an art and design background, so I have no problem conceptualizing my ideas.

Today I thought I’d talk about tablescapes and how to keep them looking pretty.


1. Keep it simple

This seems to be the motto for a lot of things, and doesn’t stray with weddings. Stick to only a few colors, objects and textures. Less really is more when it comes to designing a table. If you think it’s too much, it probably is.

3. Add stationery to your table

Menus and other fun stationery can definitely add a little something to your table. The foil finish of some stationery can add that extra oomph you need in your table. They can also add that touch of color you might need! If you’re looking for the perfect wedding stationery, check out Wedding Design by Anika. She is a wonderful friend of mine, but also a very talented designer. My clients also receive a discount from her.




2. Use textured linens

If you feel like your table just isn’t popping, try replacing your flat color linens with a light pattern or a silk material. Sometimes it’s even that you need to add a runner with some texture in it. The range in texture around your table will make your eye look around (which is what you want. If your eye isn’t moving around, it means the design is slightly boring). However, you want to avoid having too much texture; stick to about two different textures in your linens. Too many textures will just be overwhelming.

4. The more candles, the better

Candles add a romantic feel to your tablescapes. The soft light adds that special something and will put your guests in a wonderful mood. If your venue doesn’t allow candles, opt for flameless candles or soft string light in and around your centerpieces.

5. Change up the colors

If you’re thinking you need more color, add the color to your napkins. They don’t have to just black or white. In fact, I love when napkins are the bold colors of a tablescape. They aren’t overpowering and they still add a little something. Plus there are so many ways to fold that napkin to really show it off.  Side note: please don’t put the napkins in your glasses. You don’t know who is handling the napkin at the event, and if the napkins are clean or not. If you’re trying to do an elegant tablescape, there are so many beautiful folds that will work much better.

6. Place mirrors under the centerpieces

I am a huge fan of mirrors because they reflect the soft lights.  They also draw attention to your centerpiece.  I know that I said that you want your eye to move around, BUT you also want your eye to rest somewhere eventually. You want your eye to eventually move to the centerpiece and stay there (because this is the focal point of the tablescape). By adding a mirror, your eye gets pulled there naturally because it is something different on the table.




I have so much more to say about designing your tablescapes. Need help? Send me a message. I’d be happy to offer some advice!

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All photos were taken by John Findlay


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