13 Tips That Will Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Planner

 It’s that time of year when couples are trying to decide if...

15th Feb
I said yes engagement shoot, different ideas for engagement photos

6 Common Myths about Wedding Planners Debunked

There are a lot of false ideas about wedding planners flying out...

19th Oct
Wedding Bride Groom Kissing Wedding Dress Couple Wedding Ring

8 Times a Wedding Planner’s Emergency Kit Has Saved a Wedding

A few weeks ago, I was waiting in line for a movie...

06th Jul
Happy bride and groom in a black car on wedding day
** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

The Difference Between a Certified Wedding Planner and a Wedding Planner

Do you know what the difference between a “certified wedding planner” and...

27th Jan
Portrait of a young wedding couple on their wedding day