The Perfect Time of Year!

On December 22, 2013

One of my favourite times of the year is Christmas, and it’s nearly upon us! I have fond memories of my mother taking such care to decorate the tree and make it simply spectacular. I think that’s part of what got me interested in visuals and events in the first place. I also love how beautiful weddings this time of year can be; in 2012 I was enamored with the sights of couples in full bridal and groom regalia on the skating rink and weddings in the snow, and receptions surrounded by the soft light of Christmas décor.


The other thing I love about Christmas is how often it inspires men to give the ultimate present to their ladies: the ring and the question.


Lately, proposals are getting more and more extravagant. We are seeing YouTube videos of crazy proposals – it’s not just the traditional “will you marry me?” anymore. I love how out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary it’s all becoming. From using flash mobs to creating fancy designs in the sand to using the Muppets, men are stepping out of their comfort zones and going beyond the classic restaurant proposals. Lately men are really listening to their ladies, discovering what they want and giving it to them. It’s a wonderful surprise for all of us girls to learn that chivalry is making such a comeback!

picture of couple with wedding ring and gift box

Proposing to the person you love

It reminds me of some classic moments on film, such as Notting Hill when Julia Roberts stood in front of Hugh Grant and said, “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy…Asking him to love her,” or Jerry Maguire where he tries to win her back and she just says “You had me at hello”. Then there was Friends with Benefits, with Justin Timberlake surprising Mila Kunis at the end with a flash mob, just because she always wanted someone to go over the top for her.


I love proposals which are actually plotted and elaborately schemed. My cousin Dani had always dreamed of being proposed to in front of her entire family, and so Scott (now her husband) told all of us he was going to propose and asked everyone to come. He took her to a theatre and in the pre-show there was a questionnaire about who the best couples were….at the very end, he arranged for a picture of the two of them to appear, and then he proposed. It was a beautiful moment.


But proposals don’t have to be over the top to win our hearts either. One of the couples whose wedding I worked on last year told us all about their cute engagement. He told her they were going on a date, but she didn’t know where. He drove up to Jasper, and took her out for dinner. He was so upset because it was raining and his plan was to propose outside. Not knowing what he was thinking, she wondered why he kept dragging the dinner out. Finally, the rain stopped and he took her for a walk to the lake, where he proposed. It was very intimate.


And that’s really the heart of it – whether it’s an extravagant event, or a quiet, romantic setting, all that matters is that we know he loves us and has listened at some point to our feelings.


So men, this Christmas, if you’re thinking it’s finally time to ask the woman you love to marry you, don’t hesitate. However and wherever you do it, under the mistletoe, in Paris…so long as she feels your love and thoughtfulness, it’s sure to be perfect.


Merry Christmas everyone!


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