17 Unexpected Wedding Costs That Can Break Your Budget

On March 1, 2017

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When you are planning your wedding, there always seems to be something else you need for it.

Here are 17 extra costs that you probably haven’t thought about yet and that you definitely shouldn’t forget about.


1. Postage for your invites and RSVP’s

This may not seem like a whole lot of money, but it does add up. $2 for each invite (the invite and the RSVP) is actually a very large cost. Don’t skimp though and make your guests pay the postage for their RSVP. You will find that if you do it this way, you will not get anywhere close to your exact numbers.

2. Gifts for your bridal party

I’ve heard of people cutting these things, but I do not believe you should. These people are a big part of your wedding day. Make them feel appreciated.

Some couples also spend more money on ways to ask these people to be in their wedding party. This should also be considered in your wedding budget.

3. Rehearsal dinner

Whether you are having a BBQ at home, or going out for dinner…The rehearsal dinner is still part of your wedding budget. Plan to account for your family and bridal party.

4. Hiring security

Some venues require that you hire your own security, and other venues you should just hire security anyway. Consider this when you have gift tables outside of your reception room, or when you are having your wedding in a public building. I think even in a private building, you should always assign someone to watch your card box and gift table. You just never know!

5. Stationery at your reception

Sure you’ve considered the invitations in your budget, but did you consider your table numbers and escort cards? What about your menu cards?


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6. Accommodations before and after the wedding

Are you planning on staying in a hotel before and after your wedding? That Jacuzzi suite might be missed in your budget. Don’t forget the extras you might prefer, like turn-down service and room service as well.

7. Games and toys for children

Go to the dollar store and buy some fun stuff for the children. You won’t regret this decision!

8. Feeding your vendors

Most vendors have a meal required in their contract. Don’t forget a plate for your DJ, photographer and your wedding planner. (Yes, this means you should have a place for them on your seating plan too).

9. Hire a babysitter for the children at your wedding

This is a great idea if you don’t want to have to worry about the children all night. A babysitter will be responsible for them all night.

10. Back-up plans are going to cost you

Planning an outdoor wedding? Those tents and “just in case” room rentals are going to have to make it into your budget. You don’t want to be stuck having an outdoor wedding with no back-up plan.

11. Cake cutting fee

Make sure you’re aware of any cake cutting fees at your venue. I promise you, cutting a wedding cake is not easy and it’s not something that you can ignore. This fee also accounts for the dirty dishes (clearing and cleaning) after the cake has been served.


Photo by Jill Coursen Photography

12. Taxes/gratuities/fees

These things can add up. Make sure you are aware of everything beforehand. Ask your vendors about these things before your wedding.

13. Rentals cost extra

Most venues do not have chair covers, colored linens, table runners, chiavari chairs etcetera. There is also a fee for set up of these items to consider. Do not just assume that you and your wedding party will be able to set everything up. Some venues do not allow you in before a certain time. This makes set up for the bridal party difficult in some cases.

14. Delivery fees

Most rentals, cake delivery, floral delivery have a fee. Make sure this is already worked into the contract and that there will be no extra charges after. But again, just expect these fees when you have these items for your wedding.

15. Vendors working outside of contract times

This will be an extra fee and is not usually their standard rate. If you want your DJ to stay longer because the party isn’t dying down, it’s going to cost you. Usually your venue will charge extra as well if you are not out by a certain time.

16. Tear-down services

There are companies and wedding planners that do this. You must take into account that it is late and you will probably be charged more for this.

17. Thank you cards and postage for them

It is important that you thank all of your guests for attending and for the gifts. Do not forget about these costs.




It is also suggested that you should set aside 10-20% of your budget for other unexpected costs. Things always come up and you don’t want to leave yourself scrambling to come up with the money. This will also allow you to kick back and relax on your wedding day.

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