5 Types of Unique Wedding Parties That Are Great For Your Wedding

On October 11, 2017

This weekend’s wedding was special to me because the couple did something different! They had a lady on the groomsmen side and a man on the bridesmaids’ side.

There are so many different things that can be done with wedding parties. If you want to do it, I highly suggest you just do it!


Here are some unique wedding party ideas that are completely okay to do


1. Have an uneven wedding party

It’s pretty hard for a bride and groom to have the same amount of friends. Sometimes it can mean that one will have to invite someone that’s just not as close to you. To avoid this, it’s okay to have an uneven wedding party.

2. Have no wedding party at all

It is a lot to expect of your friends to be a part of your wedding party. It’s costly, time consuming and can make even the most outgoing person a little nervous. Sometimes the best decision is to have no wedding party at all. This is totally fine!



3. Have only a MOH and a BM

(Maid of Honour and Best Man) Your wedding party doesn’t have to huge! It’s okay to have just one person on either side.

4. Interchange men and women

This idea prompted this blog. I’ve always liked the idea of having your best friends with you, whether they are the same gender as you or not. They don’t necessarily have to be on your significant other’s side.

5. Have your parents act as the wedding party

Your parents are maybe closer to you than most of your friends. Sometimes, it just makes sense to have your parents be your wedding party. This is absolutely acceptable.


Seriously though, whatever you decide…Just go with it. If it’s out of the norm, no one will care. It’s your day! If you’re worried about balance in your wedding photos, it will be fine too. A good photographer has probably already worked with a similar wedding party. They will know how to work with you and your party.



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