8 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

On April 27, 2016

Wedding shot of bride and groom

I have been talking a lot about unique weddings, but haven’t really explained how they can be unique.  I put a list together of a few things that I believe will make your wedding really stand out. You won’t have to worry about having a cookie-cutter wedding any longer!


Here are 8 ideas that you might want to use

1. Have a unique location for your wedding

Plan your wedding with a weekend of camping or at a museum/art gallery. You’re allowed to think out of the box when it comes to venues.

2. Come up with distinctive transportation

Hot air balloon? Yellow school bus? Ferry boat? Party barge? You don’t always have to go with the traditional limousine.

3. Do a spin on the usual photobooth

Ready, Set, Booth has a really neat new take on the photobooth. It’s called GIFYYY! It’s a booth that creates animated GIF’s of you and your wedding guests! Trust me, it’s cool. Check it out here.

4. Rent an antique motorcycle

Use it for wedding photos, a display, or even for an interesting way to have an entrance. Rusty Bride Rentals has a vintage 1972 Norton Commando. It is candy apple red and is in pristine condition. Check it out here.


1972 Norton Commando


5. Purchase an amazing cake

There are so many companies that can make your dream cake. If you can dream it, there is a company that can make it. Your cake doesn’t have to be traditional either!

6. Choreograph a surprise dance

I’m sure you have all seen the Dirty Dancing reenactment, or a Michael Jackson groomsmen dance on social media. Sometimes it’s definitely a way to break the ice and also show who you really are. If you think it’s cool, definitely don’t hesitate to do something like that.

7. Order an unexpected kind of midnight snack

A bride said to me that she wanted pizza as her midnight snack. My response is that I think it’s a neat idea. It doesn’t have to be sandwiches or even something a little classier. You’re allowed to think outside of the box with this one too!

8. Hire musicians

There’s nothing cooler than a mariachi band at a Mexican themed wedding, or a harpist at a classy brunch wedding, or a guitarist playing your ceremony music.

9. Change up your lighting

There are so many funky lighting ideas now! You can use gobos to project your names, or maybe even just something that represents you. I saw a picture of Batman comic book words (like BOOM, POW, BANG) lit up on the walls of a reception. I love that idea; but there are also so many other options that you can do.

You can also use uplighting to completely change the ambiance of your reception, or even string lighting is becoming very popular.


Lighting, wedding decor


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