7 Reasons You Should Consider Having an Unplugged Wedding

On August 2, 2017

An unplugged wedding means that guests are expected to put their phones and cameras away during the wedding. These types of weddings are becoming more and more popular each year.

There are many reasons why I feel unplugged weddings are the way to go. Here are 7 reasons why you don’t want a “plugged” wedding.


1. First look photos are released on social media too early

Even for most guests at weddings, the first time they see the bride is when she is walking down the aisle. With social media taking over, lots of first looks seem to be happening earlier than expected. People are taking photos of the couple before the wedding and posting them on social media for everyone to see. This takes the anticipation of the beginning of the ceremony away!

2. Your guests’ devices can be disruptive

Not everyone will remember to put their devices on silent etcetera. Even if they’re on vibrate, sometimes they can shake the room (my phone definitely can!). Phones are disruptive! But even if you’re just taking photos, some devices are very loud.

3. Professional shots have your guest’s photobombing

I’ve seen so many guests jump in the aisle in front of the professional photographer. It ruins the shot and makes your photographer have to work so much harder to get those beautiful shots. I’ve even seen moments missed because someone was in the way. It’s truly heartbreaking.


beautiful young wedding couple blonde bride with flower and her groom just married on small boat at pond with evening sun


4. Photos are over exposed and have a red tinge

Professionals gauge their shots based on the environment they are taking the photo in. They have to take everything into consideration when taking that perfect shot.  It’s impossible to predict the flash of guest’s devices and the red blinking light from most cameras. This leaves you with over exposed shots and a red dot on your professional photos. Yuck.

5. Flashes create unwanted shadows

If you’ve got flashes coming from every direction, they cast odd shadows all around you. Even your professional photos will have lots of shadows which will definitely take away from the moment.

6. Say goodbye to great photos of your guests

If you allow your guests to have devices with them, they’re going to be holding those devices. Or worse, those devices will be blocking their face in all of the photos. There will be no beautiful candid shots.

7. You won’t be just sharing your day with your guests

You’ve invited your guests to share the biggest day of your life. If you allow them to have devices at your day, you’re letting them share it with everyone else as well! Not to mention, that I’m not sure they’re actually with you enjoying the day anymore. They’re too worried about what Instagram filter to use, or how to respond to comments on Facebook.


Happy bride and groom in a black car on wedding day ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes


If you’re like me, the photos from your wedding are one of the most important parts. It seems silly to risk so much just so that your guests can take a few pictures for themselves. Consider having an unplugged wedding.

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