Valentine’s Day is Almost Here!

On February 13, 2014

Valentine’s Day is almost here again, and it’s inspired me to dream of a wedding (no surprise there!) I can see a Valentine’s Day wedding at a classy venue, with beautiful chandeliers and bright red linens with silver accents. Of course, stylized, heart-shaped flowers and decor are a must, and a bright red heart atop the cake would be absolute perfection. Such an occasion should be small and intimate, surrounded by candlelight and Valentine favors. Even the invitations could be in the form of Valentines, with the entertainment revolving around fire and ice – imagine a flame thrower performing and ice sculptures encircling the dessert table. In fact, if the bride is planning to wear perfume, Revlon’s Fire & Ice is the fragrance of choice for such a night.Love Birds on a branch

As for the dress, either a soft pink or even a red gown, or at the very least an ivory dress with lace and red accents is in order. Or, if the bride really wanted to make a bold statement, she might have her hands painted in henna art and wear a red gown from India! The traditional arch is a no-no for a
Valentine’s wedding: it must be replaced with a heart shaped entrance, laced with messages from the bride and groom and/or guests. I have this amazing book– Other People’s Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See, by Bill Shapiro (Potter Style ©2007) I find it beautiful and inspiring, and it would be wonderful to see the bride and groom choose sections of it which resonate with them, and include those in the décor.


Valentine’s Day themed food table. Photo by Viewpoint Photography

There was one note from Other People’s Love Letters which made me smile and inspired a vision for an entire theme. Written on a napkin were the words: “I think UR great. Wanna have a wine and tequila again sometime?” Beside the words were “yes” and “no” boxes, and the “yes” box was checked off, with the word “Hell” written beside it, as if to say “Hell yes.” It was followed up with “What? Do ya think I’m crazy? Do you want to be my girlfriend?” and the “yes” box was checked again both times. You could base an entire wedding around it, by staging the ceremony so it appears to be at a restaurant or bar where this actually happened, and having the same napkin as a place setting. Wine and tequila are the obvious signature drinks of course.

Another theme which would be lovely is all about butterflies – one of the other letters in Shapiro’s book talks about a girl getting butterflies in her stomach whenever she thinks of her boyfriend. All the décor would feature butterflies, and the printed material and favors would say, “I got butterflies the first time you kissed me, and they haven’t gone away”.

Have you picked a date for your 2015 wedding yet? If you haven’t, consider Valentine’s Day. There are so many possibilities for the theme, you’re sure to be delighted with the end results.

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