Thoughtful Gifts for that Special Someone on Valentine’s Day

On January 10, 2018

Couple kissing for engagement photos, ring shotI like Valentine’s Day because it’s a day set aside to express how important the ones we love are.  That being said though, I don’t necessarily believe that a lot of money should be spent on it.

I’m a fan of DIY gifts, love letters and small thoughtful gifts. They have so much more meaning, and are from the heart. These are the gifts that I look forward to not only receiving, but giving!


Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts.


Notes, poems and letters

I like these kinds of gifts because they are from the heart. You can add little inside jokes that only the two of you will understand, and talk about things that you’ve experienced together. Even if you’re not that great with words, I’m sure that you can find something appropriate online. I like this one that says, “My dream wouldn’t be complete without you” and it’s a frog with a crown (aka the Frog Prince). It’s cute and it has meaning.




I Love You Books

I’ve seen ads for these pop-up on Facebook a lot lately; probably because Valentine’s Day is so quickly approaching.  They are a great way to tell your story though! Each page is 100% customizable so you can add anything your heart desires. I love the idea of using them for a proposal too!




Candy DIY’s

I love art and crafts! Last year I went all over looking for those hard candy bananas sold separately because I saw a Valentine’s Day craft online that I just HAD to make. It ended up that I bought the fruit mix and picked out the bananas. But there are a ton of really cute ideas online if you’re into that making these kinds of things.




Photo Albums

I love photos and scrapbooks! I enjoy making them because I add the special moments that were important to us. It’s like a trip down memory lane. I also think it is special for the receiver because it shows just how important they are in your life.





Whether it is homemade or from a delicious bakery, with most baking you can’t go wrong. I’ve actually sent Cookie’s by George cookies in a cute tin to Jeff at work. It was a nice surprise that he shared with his coworkers. He also saved one for me too.




Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be perfect. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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