6 Reasons Why Breathless Moments Does NOT Accept Vendor Kickbacks

On November 29, 2017

I don’t accept vendor commissions or kickbacks. It actually seems really weird to me that a professional wedding planner would.

There are so many reasons why it would work against the couple who hired that particular wedding planner.


Why I don’t accept kickbacks,

1. I recommend the vendors based on their merit

I don’t endorse them because I make the most money off of them. The vendors that I work with are the best at what they do. That is the only reason I praise them.

2. I give all discounts/deals to my clients

If a vendor does offer me a kickback, I automatically forward it to you. My clients tell me all of the time that hiring me was the best decision. I really do save them money this way. But that is still not why I recommend them- and in most cases it’s not why those vendors offer you a discount. It’s because the day is much smoother, and I do some of their work.



3. I find the best vendors for YOUR wedding

Each vendor is different. Seriously, even their consultations are not the same as each other. You can trust that each vendor referral will be great for you…Not because they offer me money to suggest them.

4. It seems unethical

I feel like this doesn’t need to be elaborated on. You pay me to refer the best vendors for your wedding. How can I do that if I’m looking to get paid by the vendors?

5. You hired me, not the vendor

I work for you, and that’s it. This is actually why I don’t “answer” to your parents or friends as well. You are my client. This is your day.

6. I am WPIC Certified

I follow their code of ethics, and it states that we do not accept vendor kickbacks. But it really does just make sense that I wouldn’t accept them.


I promise you, there is no ulterior motive when I advise you to look into a specific vendor. I have your best interest at heart.


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