9 Good Reasons Why You Should Hire a Videographer For Your Wedding

On April 15, 2015

Dreamgrapher wedding photography, Edmonton

I’ve heard it lots; couples are never sure if they want to hire a professional videographer. This is one type of vendor that I truly believe should not be cut from your wedding.  Here are 9 reasons why I think you should hire a videographer.


  1. Videographers are able to capture the overall feeling of your wedding on video.

    Anyone who watches the video will genuinely feel the love and excitement of your wedding.

    Dreamgrapher, Edmonton wedding photography


  2. Videographers edit the content to tell a lovely story.

    They aren’t “boring” by any stretch. Watch this video for yourself. It’s like a movie based around the wedding. (I love this video! I’ve watched it so many times!)

  3. Professionally videographers are able to work with your photographer to get the best photos and the best video.

    Amateur videographers sometimes tend to get in the way of photographers, impeding that perfect shot for both the photo and the video.

    Dreamgrapher, Edmonton Wedding Photographer

  4. If the photographer missed a shot, chances are good that the videographer got it.

    The “tape” is always rolling, so those fluke things that happened were probably caught on video.

    Dreamgrapher Edmonton Wedding photographer

  5. These videos are awesome for anniversary parties or even just to watch when things are tough and you need to remember why you’re together in the first place.

    Dreamgrapher wedding photography Edmonton

  6. The videographer will catch special moments with your guests that you may have missed.

    Dreamgrapher Edmonton bridal photographer

  7. Videographers usually (with permission of course) post short clips of their work on Youtube and their website.

    This allows for your guests to be able to experience your wedding again. It also gives your friends and family who were not able to attend, a chance to understand what your wedding was like.

  8. The video will become an heirloom.

    Your children will be able to witness your beautiful wedding and they will cherish the video as much as you will.

    Edmonton Wedding Videographer


  9. You will be able to watch your vows, speeches and important parts of your wedding over and over.

    These are special moments that should not be forgotten.

Dreamgrapher videography cinematographer

Videos make it possible for guests who could not attend to experience the event still. They are able to feel the energy of the day at much more depth than photos can portray. The videos are also perfect for the future generation too

-Shraddha Rathi of Dreamgrapher.

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