8 Wedding Outtakes That You Will Wish You Witnessed For Yourself

On February 14, 2018

As a wedding planner, I witness a lot of funny things at weddings. I guess in a sense, my job is to oversee everything.

So it’s not that surprising that I witness so many  unique moments. Here are some of my favorite funny moments. HAHA, maybe not so much the “breathless moments” but they are definitely memorable in my books.


1. At an outdoor wedding…

The flower girl decided that she was going to play in the dirt before the ceremony started. Thank goodness for my emergency kit. That dress looked nearly perfect still.


2. Towards the end of the night…

The groom decided that he’d take a chair cover off and use it as a cape. He really was Superman! 😉 He had just married the lady of his dreams and he now had a cape.



3. Still to this day…

I refuse to eat the chocolate at any chocolate fountain. I’ve witnessed a child literally lick the chocolate fountain. I’ve seen children put food back after licking it too. Mmmm….Okay, that’s not really funny, but it’s definitely a “wedding outtake”.


4. If you’re sitting at a fancy dinner…

Your glass is on the right side of your plate. I sat beside a young child that figured my glass was his. The person to my left had used the correct glass, so I did not have one.  I ended up just asking for another glass.


5. I’ve had a few clients that want me to dance with them.

Usually when the first dance is over, my clients are ready to kick back and have some fun. I have to say though; I’ve learned some really neat dances.



6. There have been a few times…

When a child tastes (or tries to taste) the wedding cake when they aren’t supposed to. Don’t we all have to resist the urge to eat the cake before the cake cutting as well?  Haha.


7. I was checking on the ladies washroom…

(to make sure it was clean and everything was filled) and one of the groomsmen was in there. He insisted that the women’s washroom was better than the men’s. He may or may not have had too much to drink.


8. One of my very favorite moments…

Was when roughly a dozen children (varying in age from 3-6) were dancing to Gangnam Style. I swear every one of those kids knew every step. To this day, I wish I got it on video.


Every wedding has “outtakes”…It’s inevitable. It’s important to embrace them and realize that they are funny. It’s these moments that truly make each wedding special. Kick back and enjoy your day!


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