7 Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2017/2018

On January 18, 2017

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It’s time to start picking your wedding date! Going through the calendar and picking a date isn’t necessarily as easy as “Ooo, June 23 is going to be our wedding date”.

There are things to consider, and dates that should be avoided. Here are 6 dates that should perhaps be avoided.


1. Long Weekends

Lots of people make plans for the long weekends in the summer. Usually these plans are made far in advance too. That being said, your friends and family may not be able to attend because they already have plans.

You will probably find that the cost of accommodations for your guests will go up on long weekends.  This may also make it more difficult for them to find accommodations. It is more likely that your guests will decline because of this.

Your vendors might charge more for long weekends too because it’s difficult to find employees that will want to work long weekends.

Check here for 2017 long weekends

Check here for 2018 long weekends.

2. Significant Days Within Your Friends and Family

Anniversaries and birthdays of your friends and family should also be considered.  Not only are these days that they will most likely be busy, but this also means that it won’t be just your special day.

3. Other Big Events

If you have a venue in mind, check to make sure there isn’t another big event going on there (or close to there) at the same time. If they do have something else going on, maybe avoid that day. Problems like no parking, limited lodging options, and noise might arise because of this other event.

Also consider that your guests might want to attend these other events. Edmonton has lots of festivals and events during the summer.

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4. Days with Sports Finals

Finals including the Grey Cup, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Major League Baseball Playoffs, and the Tim Horton’s Brier can really interfere with your wedding for many reasons.  If you or your guests are a die-hard fan, you probably don’t want to have your wedding on that day. In some cases, some guest might not even go to your wedding because they want to watch the game.

5. Unlucky Days

Sure, there’s the usual suspect like Friday the 13th; but there are probably other “unlucky” days that you might not have thought about. There’s the Ides of March which is March 15th. If you’re superstitions, or your guests are, this might not be a good date to get married on. Some people also consider Leap Years and day February 29th unlucky to get married on (which you’re in luck, there isn’t another Leap Year until 2020).

6. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Family Day

These weekends are usually set aside for families. Most of the time, it’s best to avoid having your wedding on these weekends.

Mother’s Day – May 14, 2017, May 13, 2018

Father’s Day – June 18, 2017, June 17, 2018

Family Day – February 20, 2017, February 19, 2018

7. Races or Fundraisers Going on That Weekend

These types of events can really bog down roads, making travel times undesirable for you. In some cases, they even block off certain routes that you might actually need to use. These events also bring in people from surrounding areas and farther…Meaning your lodging plans for your guests might not work out as planned. Check out the upcoming race schedule for 2017/2018 here.

Remember that this is your day! Pick a date that you think will work best. If you think a certain day will be perfect for you, run with it. Just be aware that if you pick one of these days, you might have to sacrifice a few things.


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