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On April 22, 2015

Wedding Design by Anika, Edmonton Wedding Stationary Designer

So I’ve come to notice just how interesting the wedding industry really is. In a strange way, it’s a tight knit well-oiled machine. I’ve also sort of come to the discovery that we all seem to be connected somehow.

I remember one summer, when I was starting out; I worked a wedding on a Saturday evening and the Sunday as well. Oddly enough, a lot of the vendors were the same. The photographers were the same as the night before, and it was the same DJ as well (from a company with 13 different DJ’s at the time, so it was odd to have the same DJ). We became almost a “wedding vendor family”.

Last year, I went to a Bridal Mixer and the strangest thing happened.  One of my best friends from Junior High ended up being at the mixer as well. Such a small world! I soon discovered that my long lost friend is a wedding stationery designer.

If you’re looking for someone to design your wedding stationery, check out Wedding Design by AnikaI thought I’d share with you a little about what she does!


What’s your favorite thing about designing wedding stationery?

I love the creative freedom it gives me. I get to experiment with typefaces, colour and paper. I also enjoy getting to know my clients, and being able to be a small part of their special day.


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What sort of things do you offer for your clients?

The two key things that I offer to my clients are 7+ years of graphic design experience, and a love for what I do.

I also offer custom made stationery (save the dates, invitations, rsvp cards and envelopes) and templated stationery through my Etsy site. If clients wish to work with me beyond standard stationery, I can work with them to design everything from menus and place cards, to directional signage!

How far in advance would you recommend your clients order their wedding stationery?

I always say, the sooner the better. Designing and printing does take time, and timelines can vary depending on the season.

My usual suggestion is that all of the design work be finalized and printing production initiated at least 4 weeks prior to your desired mail out date. This would allow enough time for the materials required to be ordered, printing to be completed and any special items to be processed.

How do you find out more about your clients to offer something creative and personalized for them?

Prior to any consultation, I ask my clients to complete a pre-consult questionnaire. This allows me to get a feel for what they would like, their budget and a initial idea of where the design may lead.


Wedding Design by Anika, Wedding Invitations Designer


Do you have a minimum quantity that your clients can order?

For the template designs found on my Etsy store, I do have a minimum quantity of 60 pieces for most items. However, for custom work I can provide prices for quantities of 10 and up. In my experience, however, I have not yet had an order of custom designs under 50 pieces.

 What are some of the things that affect the cost of wedding stationery?

Prices start to really be affected by the add-ons. Choosing a higher quality paper/coating, adding maps and other inserts, and attaching matting/pockets/vellum/belly bands all add to the final price.

What can a potential client expect at your first meeting together?

I think that all potential clients expect to see samples and for me to be prepared to see them with a genuine interest in who they are as a couple.
On the other hand, I expect them to also come prepared. This includes doing the pre-consult questionnaire and can include providing design samples that they like and bringing in samples of the wedding colours etc.

What’s the most important detail on the invitation?

The who, when, and where. Everything else is just icing on the cake.


Wedding Invitations and Stationary, Edmonton, Wedding Design by Anika


Is color important?

This totally depends on the client. I have had clients who are very particular about the colours chosen, where others are more flexible within a shade’s spectrum.

What’s the most difficult thing when it comes to designing wedding stationery?

What I find most challenging is working with clients who either have no idea what they are looking for, or, on the other end of the spectrum, those who come in with extreme expectations that must be paired down to fit within their budget.

If you could convey one piece of advice to the readers, what would it be?

Give yourself time. Like anything else, leaving your stationery to the last minute creates so much unnecessary stress for both you and your designer. Starting early means you don’t have to worry about rushing to finish in time, and getting them completed early means that there is more time to focus on other things!



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