6 Things Every Wedding Planner Would Be Dying to Tell You About Your Wedding

On March 22, 2017

Wedding Couple At Night City StreetWedding planners experience many weddings in their lifetime. We’ve all come to realize certain things that should not be overlooked, and they usually are.

Don’t worry though, I am willing to tell you exactly what they are. Well, at least some of the most important ones.

Here are 6 things every wedding planner is dying to tell you about your wedding!

1. Invest in insurance!

We all agree that every couple should at least invest in PAL insurance. Any event with liquor should have this type of insurance. No one wants to be dealing with lawsuits after their wedding. Read my blog about PAL insurance here. There are also other insurances such as Wedsafe and Wedensure that we would recommend as well. They cover things such as cancellation insurance and liability insurance. In the end, we want your wedding to be a day for you to remember because it was great; not because it ruined your life.

2. Hire someone, or have a designated guest watch your card box.

So often couples have their card boxes right at the entrance of their venue. It is so easy to take a card box without anyone even noticing. No matter how safe your venue is, please assign someone to watch your box…And lock it up as soon as everyone arrives. There is no reason the card box should sit out all night.


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3. Don’t expect your guests to decorate for your wedding.

My friends and family aren’t trained on how to tie a chair cover and chair tie, so I doubt many of yours are. It adds a lot of extra pressure to them when they are expected to do the decorations at your wedding. It also goes back to the whole idea that they are your GUESTS, they shouldn’t be working. Leave the decorations to the professionals. There are many decorating companies that will help you, and most wedding planners include minor decoration set up in their contracts. As well, most wedding planners, including myself, also have packages for just decoration set up. Let your guests be guests at your wedding. Hiring a vendor to do your decorations will also ensure that the job is done properly.

4. Don’t cut corners when hiring vendors.

Just because that DJ is cheaper than the rest, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to hire them. Do your research (or hire a wedding planner) when hiring vendors. Your wedding day is going to be the most important day of your life; you want vendors who are going to help you make it perfect.

5. Always remember, it’s your wedding day.

Just because your mother or mother in law has an idea for your wedding day, doesn’t mean that you should do exactly what they want. If it’s not something you like, don’t do it!

6. Don’t give the ring bearer your rings.

Children do not comprehend how important the rings are, and the rings can be easily misplaced when they are in the possession of a child. Give them to the best man to hold and have the ring bearer walk down the aisle without the rings. Your guests will not know the difference, and it will put your mind at ease.


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Do you need more help? Maybe you just need someone to make sure everything is there, and then to coordinate your day so that you can just enjoy it. You’re in luck, we are just the company for you!


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