7 Gift Ideas That Are Perfect to Give Your Significant Other on Your Wedding Day

On February 10, 2016

Happy couple kissing on their wedding day in front of their dream home in London

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’ve been thinking about wedding gifts for your husband-to be/wife-to-be. My opinion about gifts is that they aren’t about the money spent, they are about the thought that you’ve put into them. Gifts from the heart are the best gifts because they actually mean something.


Here are some of my favorite gifts that I’ve seen over the years,


1. A handwritten letter

A bride instructed me to give the letter to her groom. I honestly couldn’t tell you what it said, but when the groom read it he teared up. I’m sure that letter meant more than any other gift he could have gotten.

2. Accessories with their wedding date

Things like cufflinks, jewelry and shoes with a message inscribed are subtle but adorable ways to spruce up a wedding gift.

3. Inscribe something on their wedding band without them knowing

Whether it is a quote or just the wedding date, it will always be a treasured message.

Brandi Guzman- Photographer, bouquet with ring

4. Get professional photos done

Boudoir photos are a popular gift for the husband-to-be. Even just a framed engagement photo is a nice touch to give. I’ve even seen old photos of the couple of a fun time (sometimes with a message like, “I knew we’d eventually get married when this photo was taken”.

5. Send food to them on your wedding day

Sending food is a good idea because couples usually forget to eat. There’s so much going on before the ceremony! But this will be a little reminder to eat, and that you are thinking about them.

6. Give them something to use on the honeymoon

I’ve seen several different inscribed holiday items such as a towel, sandals, bathrobes, sunglasses etcetera. These items don’t even have to be inscribed, but I think it’s a cute touch.

7. Purchase tickets to something they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves

If there’s a concert, game, or something cool going on soon…Buy them tickets to it. They will most likely take you, and it can be a special date night as a married couple.


bride and groom in a winter frost with a snowflow

Whatever you decide to give, I’m sure it will be perfect!

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