5 Things You Must Know About Your Wedding Invitations

On January 31, 2018

cheers after getting engaged. save the date ideas, Dreamgrapher CanadaInvitations tend to come with a lot of questions. “When should they be sent out” and “what should be sent out” are very common questions.

Anika Loewen, of Wedding Designs by Anika, and I were discussing this a while back. I thought I’d fill you all in on what we came up with.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when thinking about invitations.


1. Send out Save the Dates

By sending Save the Dates, you will make your guests aware of your wedding and the date. They can then prepare themselves to be able to book time off, book accommodations, purchase proper wedding attire etcetera. This will also allow you to be able to send the invitations closer to your wedding date.
Save the Dates are typically are sent out about a year in advance.

2. Invite guests backwards

You read that right; invite the guests that you don’t expect to come first. This will help get your numbers more exact, and will also stop your guests from feeling like they got a pity invite.


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3. Do not include your registry information

I know this may seem like a good time to send all of this information, but it isn’t. You want your invitations to be focused on your guests; if you send registry info with your invites you lose this entirely. It can also come off as rude because it is like you’re saying, “please join us for our wedding, but be sure to bring us a present”. Your guests will ask you or your parents if you are registered at places. Leave the option of knowing where you’re registered up to them.

4. Set your RSVP Date

Plan to set your RSVP date roughly 4 weeks before your wedding. That will give you a little bit of time to follow up with some guests, and also get a seating plan ready. Usually your venue needs a head count a few weeks before your wedding so you will have everything ready for them then too.
PS for head counts, don’t forget your vendors who require a meal as well.

5. Send out your invites

Plan to send your invites 4-6 weeks before your RSVP date. The thing about sending them 6 months early is that your guests will forget and not RSVP. If you have a tighter deadline, your numbers will be more accurate. Your friends and family will already be aware of the wedding because you sent out Save the Dates.


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In the end, do what works best for you! Not everyone is the same, and we all have different requirements. If you need help with any of this, send me an email!

Be sure to check Anika Loewen of Wedding Design by Anika as well! She’ll help you with all of your wedding stationery needs.

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