Why it’s a Mistake to Say “Vendors Hear The Word WEDDING and Mark Up Their Prices”

On October 4, 2017

I read something yesterday that I found interesting. It said that the rich can only afford to buy cheap things. Oddly enough, this makes complete sense to me…Especially in the wedding world. Going the “cheap” way doesn’t always pay off.

Often, I hear couples say that prices go up when vendors hear the word “wedding”, so they decide to go a different route (whether it be DIY, hiring a friend, or buying cookie cutter designs). I promise you, we do not mark up our prices at all. When you hire a reputable wedding vendor, you are definitely going to get what you pay for.

Here are 5 reasons why I think vendors get offended when you say that they are upping their prices because they heard the word “wedding”.


  1. Wedding vendors work for many hours behind the scenes

With photographers, a lot goes into making that perfect wedding photo. Photographers don’t just point and shoot your wedding and BOOM they’re done. They work for several hours before and after your wedding to get that perfect shot. They make sure they know the venue so they are able to capture the lighting properly. They are preparing for the shots that they know you want. They are researching new techniques and shots. Then there’s the editing after the wedding.  Most other wedding vendors require the same extensive time for your wedding too. I’m certainly not just showing up on the wedding day and that’s it. Plus how many times did you meet with your vendors before your wedding? That’s all time that we could have spent with our friends and families.


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  1. All vendors require supplies for your wedding

Photographers need expensive cameras and equipment to capture your day. DJ’s need a costly sound system and a vehicle to get it to your venue. Florists and cake decorators need a vehicle to deliver their product (not to mention the stress of actually getting these items to your venue intact). Designers spend a ton of time making sure your invitations, menus and table numbers are perfect. Chances are good that they’ve printed these items several times and have gone through each and every item with a fine tooth comb. Then there’s me. As a wedding planner, I carry a large emergency kit. I am always stocking it with more items. I also require a vehicle to get back and forth.




  1. Vendors carry extensive pricey insurance

Whether it is liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, or commercial vehicle insurance…it all adds up. Seriously, it’s a red flag if a vendor doesn’t think they need insurance! A reputable company has insurance for a reason.


Insurance Or Assurance Concept


  1. We have to register our business with the city of Edmonton

The cost also goes up if we require our clients to come to our office, if we need to store items, or if we have a store front.




  1. When you try to cheap out, we know you’re not actually saving anything

We are the pros at what we do (most of us have the education to back that up as well). We are good at what we do, and we are very efficient. We will definitely all save you time. As a wedding planner, I am able to save you money too! (If you have questions about that, don’t hesitate to ask me how I can save you money).


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Anika Loewen (of Wedding Design by Anika) a local stationery designer) said something to me that actually inspired this blog. She said that many couples think it’s cheaper to get their invitations and wedding stationery through Staples, Michaels and Vistaprint, when in fact it’s not cheaper it at all. Anika will do your entire invitation, whereas Staples and Vistaprint just PRINT your invitations! Not to mention that the designs from those places are all cookie cutter. It’s very possible that your guests could get the same invitation several times from different couples.  Plus, you will not get proofs from Staples and Vistaprint.  If there is a mistake, you are stuck with them.





I find that I see this same thing across the board with all other wedding vendors as well. Don’t be afraid to ask us about what we offer. We are able to explain our services in depth. With weddings, going the “cheap” way definitely doesn’t work! In the end, you’re better off hiring the professionals.

Hopefully I’ve changed your mind, and you won’t be saying we knock up the price when we see “wedding” anymore.  Give that professional wedding vendor another look.


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