What to Expect From Your Wedding Party

On May 11, 2016

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I think there’s a lot of confusion over what to expect from a wedding party. Everything seems to tell us that our friends need to be there from start to finish.

We think our friends will be like Jane (Katherine Heigl’s character) from 27 Dresses, and that they shouldn’t stray from that either. But this is 2016 and everyone has busy lives. Plus movies are just that; movies.


Here are 6 things you can expect from your wedding party.


1. They should make time to find the proper wedding attire

Even if you know exactly what you want them to wear, they should make time to try on the outfit. This can be time consuming, but isn’t something that can be skipped. You should not necessarily expect them to all be there at the same time. Sometimes it’s just not possible.


2. They should plan/attend the bachelorette party


In some cases, they aren’t always the ones planning it. But it is their responsibility to find out if that’s something you want and make sure someone is getting the ball rolling. Leave the planning to them. You shouldn’t be planning it or asking for details. This is the one time when you are just expected to just show up.


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3. They must attend the rehearsal

There are a few instances where this just isn’t feasible and you’ll need someone to stand in for them. But for the most part, the entire wedding party should be in attendance. It’s important because you want things to go smoothly on the day of your wedding. This also helps a lot with the wedding jitters! (Yes, your wedding party might have jitters too).


4. They should have their hair and makeup organized for the wedding day


If you require your bridesmaids to have a specific hair style or makeup done, you should be providing this service, but otherwise the bridesmaids should have it figured out for themselves. If they want it done professionally, they should know your timeline and stick to it.


5. They should be your support for the day of your wedding


This is the reason why we want wedding parties. We want our besties there to experience the entire day with us. I think this is the only thing that really matters when it comes to wedding parties. I also don’t believe in putting them to work on your day. Their job for the day is to be with you, taking it all in too. Besides, don’t you want them there with you?


6. They should write a speech if that is something you require


Speeches are nice because it tells a story about you, and helps your guests get to know your wedding party a little better. Your wedding party definitely shouldn’t shy away from this. Tell them to keep it short and for it to be from the heart. They’ll do great!


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Everything else they partake in is extra. It shouldn’t be expected. I do suggest that you sit down with them and discuss what’s important to you. The last thing you want is a friend’s feelings getting hurt because you only contact them to do wedding stuff. Make sure they know that they are truly appreciated as a friend.


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