My Love/Hate Relationship With Pinterest

On February 2, 2014

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2014 may have only just begun, but brides are already starting to plan their 2015 weddings. Many will be using Pinterest. I love Pinterest; I think it offers really great ideas, and it allows me to view wedding concepts from around the globe. It makes our vast world that much smaller. I also enjoy playing with various ideas – I can spend hours just creating.

It is wonderful to see how other brides are plotting out their décor and following new recipes and trends. I enjoy the boards you can post with the trends that interest you most; I designed an “All About the Bride” section where I collect wedding dresses, hair styles, and beautiful wedding shoes, a wedding decor board, and other fun boards such as  “Wow, Now That’s a Wedding” and “Aww, That’s Cute”. The research Pinterest offers is often helpful to everyone.

I have even used “non-wedding related” pictures and links as inspiration for new wedding designs and explored new potential venues, such as the Glass House, with its spectacular garden, in British Columbia. This is an extraordinary place nestled nearly in the middle of nowhere, but I guarantee it would make for a truly original wedding and gorgeous photos. Another location I’ve had the pleasure of following on Pinterest is the city of Coeur d’alene in the Kootenai region of Idaho. It is one of my favorite places in the world, the perfect mix of city, beach and massive hotels. I can picture amazing beach weddings there.

I also see simple landscape pictures or photos of intricate buildings and my wedding brain takes charge. With Pinterest, the idea is to use the things that you love and make them your own. All that being said, there are also some problems with Pinterest which need to be addressed, namely, how so many brides seem to believe that copying every aspect of an idea still allows their own wedding to remain unique. The reality? It doesn’t.

For example, Mason Jars – a popular concept seen all over Pinterest – are now highly overused, so much so that if you must have them, you need to personalize them. And that’s the problem – people are just blindly copying everything and it all looks the same. So many weddings last year had the exact same centerpiece – again, from Pinterest.rsz_pinterest2

Pinterest, though incredibly useful, is causing fashion, decor and many other elements of the wedding to remain present for far longer than necessary, outwearing their welcome. Weddings which have already happened are inspiring brides to recreate those ceremonies, rather than dreaming their own dreams. Much of the creativity is being lost and the excitement out of trends reports is fading.

In the end, I think Pinterest should be put into perspective: as a useful tool only. It should not be used as a designer’s manual.

And that’s where I come in – I am here to bring back creativity, individuality and the original, personal beauty and vision we used to see before Pinterest made everything so accessible and thus commonplace.

So whether you’re fantasizing about having the wedding of the century – one which will surpass all others – or dreaming of an intimate ceremony which will be remembered throughout the generations of your family, hire me. I will help you create those breathless moments.


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