Here’s Why You SHOULD Hire A Wedding Planner! (I’m not just saying this because I am one)

On January 2, 2015

Lots of couples try to decide if they need to hire a wedding planner for their wedding. It seems like most couples think that it’s going to be too expensive to hire a wedding planner; that only celebrities and the upper class are able to hire them. Let me tell you why I think that is completely wrong!

The very first thing I’d like to say is that I will definitely hire a wedding planner for a Day-Of-Coordination package. I do not want to have to make any decisions on my wedding day. I realize I am completely capable of making the decisions, but I want my day to be seamless without me. The wedding planner I hire will be the go-to person at my wedding.  I want to be a guest at my own wedding.

First Dance

Happy Couple

Certified wedding planners’ attention to detail will not leave their clients disappointed. We are checking that chair covers are on straight, cutlery is clean, and the washrooms are spotless. We are making sure that everything is running on time and that the vendors are all where they are supposed to be. We will confirm that the floor plan is the way that you wanted it and that there are enough places set for each guest. We also ensure that the centerpieces and decorations are correct. We will know the bridal parties ETA and be able to schedule everything around them. We will make sure the DJ is playing the correct music ect. We are always doing something.


Beautiful Ceremony Set Up

Hiring a wedding planner will also save you a lot of time and money. We know vendors in the area that will offer our clients discounts. We also may know vendors which are within your budget that you didn’t know about. Maybe you were going to pick a different vendor for more money, but we told you about a less expensive vendor that will still exceed your requirements. We also can steer you away from vendors that do not have a good reputation and recommend ones that excel in their line of work.

Now let’s talk cost. Most wedding planners in the Edmonton area charge $800+ for a Day-Of-Coordination (depending on their experience and based upon the details of your wedding). I would really stress to at least get this package for your wedding day. I truly believe it is worth it. *Please note that Day-Of and Month-Of are the same thing. The name of this type of coordination varies between planners.*

Wedding planners also offer Full-Coordination packages (I will go into more details about what each package entails in another blog entry, but you can also refer to my website or give me a call). The cost of this package varies depending on your wedding requirements. You should expect to pay your wedding planner roughly 10-15% of your total budget.

Overall, I think hiring a wedding planner is a good idea. There are always things that come up at a wedding, and a wedding planner is trained to deal with these things.


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