16 Unexpected Things a Wedding Planner Has Done at a Wedding

On May 3, 2017

Photo by Shraddha Rathi of Dreamgrapher Canada

So often I am told that I am so lucky to be a wedding planner, and that it must be a very glamourous career. Most of the time…I want to laugh at them when they say that.

There are so many things that I do at a wedding that go unnoticed. I think everyone who says I have a glamourous career would cringe if they knew what I’m responsible for at almost every wedding.


1. I am the walking, talking garbage can.

I’ve had gum spit into my hand, been given used tissue, and I’ve been given a half-eaten hamburger.


2. I am the bathroom monitor.

I’ve helped several drunken individuals in the bathroom. On one occasion, it was the best man, and he couldn’t figure out how to get out of the women’s washroom. He saw me and was like, “the women’s toilets are much better than the men’s. Plus then I get to hang out with all of the ladies”.


3. I am the designated person to hold items for the bridal party.

Things like keys, sunglasses, food, drinks (alcohol sometimes), purses, umbrellas, and props for the wedding photos.


4. I am in charge of keeping the aisle at the ceremony clean and clear.

This is included when the dog poops in the middle of the aisle as he’s making his way to his spot.


5. I help open champagne bottles and serve it.


Photo by Jill Coursen Photography


6. I am the babysitter of the children in the bridal party.

Most of the time, mommy and daddy are in the bridal party as well so they can’t be with their children at all times. It’s also fun when they decide to play in the dirt seconds before they’re supposed to walk down the aisle. It’s happened!


7. I am the retriever of pretty much everything.

If something was forgotten at the reception and it is needed at the ceremony location, it’s me that has to go and get it. I’ve carried flats of water bottles from the reception to the ceremony location (on foot because there were no vehicles allowed on the premises).


8. I’ve cracked 100 glow sticks.

It’s actually pretty hard to crack that many glow sticks! But the send off for the couple was really neat with those glow sticks.


9. I am responsible for every piece of clothing the bridal party wears.

If they are dirty or creased, I have to fix them. I’ve taken out stains, removed lint, sewn buttons on, and steamed dressed just minutes before wedding ceremonies.


10. I’ve steamed the linens on the head table because they were wrinkly.

The head table is seen in a lot of photos. I want it to look as perfect as the couple behind it.


Photo by John Findlay-Revolution Photo


11. I am responsible for the seating plans at the ceremony and reception.

Most venues do not have enough chairs to accommodate chairs at both the ceremony and reception. After the ceremony is over, I move the chairs from one location to the next.


12. I’ve made trips to the liquor store when alcohol levels were getting low.


13. If other vendors are getting backed up, I help out.

For example, if I notice that the catering company is getting backed up and dishes aren’t being cleared, I am helping them. I worked for a local catering company, so I know what it’s like. I am not going to let them drown while I am standing there watching.


14. If the wedding cake had an accident, I am the one fixing it.

It happens. I promise you. Most of the time, no one even notices.


15. I’ve climbed a 25 foot ladder to take down decorations.

I couldn’t even lift the ladder by myself; I had to get the staff at the venue to help me.


16. I have cut the wedding cake.

If the catering company is not there to cut the cake, it’s me that slices it and plates it. It’s definitely not in my job description, but when things come up and it has to be done…I’ll do it.


Photo by Shraddha Rathi of Dreamgrapher Canada

All in all, I will do just about anything to ensure that the wedding day goes smoothly for my clients. I still love every minute of it too!


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