7 Reasons Why Not Having a Wedding Rehearsal Can Ruin Your Wedding Day

On June 22, 2016

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My best friend always goes on about how she doesn’t think it’s necessary to have a rehearsal before the actual wedding. This comment actually really makes me angry! I think is so smart to have a rehearsal.

Here are just a few reasons why you should be having a rehearsal.


1. Relieves some wedding jitters

If you’ve practiced something a few times in advance, it’s easier to do when you’re under stress. This isn’t just for the couple getting married either. A lot of it is for the wedding party too. It’s hard to be the center of attention, never mind being the center of attention for some people you don’t even know.

2. Spacing is practiced

If you have a rehearsal you won’t have to worry about a member of your wedding party walking too fast down the aisle or not knowing when each person should go. This is practiced before, so that is it done correctly on your actual wedding day.

3. Learning where to hold your bouquet

Believe it or not, there is a place which is the most flattering to hold your bouquet. Knowing this will not only make your pictures better, but will also keep everything unified.


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4. Music can be timed

This is the time to practice when the music starts and where it will end. If you like a certain part of the song, then you can make sure that part of the song is able to fit into your ceremony.

5. Know the location of the ceremony

I know this one just seems ridiculous, but trust me it’s good to know in advance. There are so many different churches and venue locations that it’s possible to mix them up. It’s better to be late for the rehearsal than the actual wedding ceremony.

6. You’ll learn valuable information from the officiant/JP/Minister ect

I’ve heard so many cool stories from the person conducting the ceremony. They also tell you things like why the ladies arm goes around the man’s arm (so that if the lady were to trip, they are actually holding each other and she’s less likely to actually fall). This information can definitely help at your wedding ceremony.

7. Knowing who goes where

Not all weddings have the groomsmen and bridesmaids walking down the aisle together. It is becoming more common for the groomsmen and the groom to already be up at the front (in most cases this is because the groom isn’t comfortable standing up at the front alone). At the rehearsal, this can all be discussed.


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