Why Hiring a Wedding Researcher Can Be a Fatal Mistake

On February 17, 2016

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So over the past few weeks I’ve seen advertisements for a wedding researcher. I thought I’d get it out there about how a wedding planner can and should be your “wedding researcher”.

Here are 6 points describing why choosing a wedding planner is a better idea.


1. You get what you pay for

We can help you find that perfect vendor within all of your specifications. Typically we will find 3 vendors that are available on your wedding day, that are within your budget, and that are prefect for you. We don’t just list off the vendors that we know, or what we find off the net.

2. We aren’t just using Google to find your vendors

We recommend vendors because we’ve worked with them in the past, and can vouch for them. We only recommend the ones that have truly shined for their clients. “Wedding Researchers” do not necessarily know who they are recommending to you.


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3. We have a huge following within the wedding industry

Wedding vendors always reach out to wedding planners; and we try to our best to get to know each and every one of them. We also strive to go to vendor mixers and bridal shows to meet more of them. We can recommend those vendors that aren’t necessarily as easy to find, and we are able to suggest vendors that have similar ideals as you.

4. We are able to get you the best prices

Wedding vendors are family; so essentially we are able to get you “family” type rates. Some vendors offer kickbacks to us for recommending them. As a WPIC certified planner, I cannot/will not accept those kickbacks; but I will gladly give those kickbacks to my clients.

5. We are able to support you with your other wedding needs

If you hire us for a consultation, you can be sure that we will also be able to give you great wedding advice. We tell our clients many tips and tricks so that your day will go as smooth as possible.

6. We have flat rats for consultations

This wedding researcher says, “For those who cannot afford a wedding planner”.  This just shows that this person doesn’t really know the wedding industry. My flat rate is simple! For a consultation for help with one wedding related item, I charge $150. I will find vendors, who will meet all of your criteria, do all of the research on them…And meet with you to discuss what I’ve come up with. If you need additional information, I will charge you $50 for each item after that.


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