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On July 19, 2017

So often I hear from my clients that they don’t understand why anyone would purchase their wedding stationery online.

However, I still see several posts on Facebook wedding buy and sell pages that have most of the brides/grooms recommending Vistaprint over a local designer. Anika, of Wedding Design by Anika, and I thought that we would share some info about local wedding stationery designers, and why you should definitely look into them more seriously.

Here are a few questions I asked her to dig a little deeper into the wedding stationery world.


What is your favorite part about wedding stationery? 

I love the opportunity that I have to create products that inspire my clients. I can take a piece of paper, a little ink and a little time, and the outcome is something unique to them, and sets the guest expectations for the wedding.

What makes you different from Vistaprint/Wedding Paper Divas? 

Three words: custom, quality and local. 
CUSTOMI am known to do unique pockets and shapes that are not found on the online catalogues at these printers. I put time into custom cutting and accessorizing, which is usually only found in the “custom” niche.
QUALITY—I have heard so many stories about people complaining about the quality of the paper not being what they would have liked when the order came in, or that things were printed wrong or blotchy. When clients buy from online catalogues, many don’t know how to fix problems if the need arises. Contacting customer service can be time consuming, and they may not know who to talk to or what to say. I hand inspect orders that come in from my printing vendors, and if something is not right, it is usually fixed before the client ever sees it. 
LOCAL—I work in Edmonton, and primarily for a Canadian market. Because of this, my prices are in Canadian Dollars. Many online sites are listed in US Dollars, and many people forget to add the exchange rate and duty tax into their total price when they ship their items into Canada. This can be a costly mistake.

What kind of budget should your potential clients have?

My custom stationery packages currently start at $500. If clients want “Pinterest perfect” designs with laser cut pockets, lace, glitter and all the trimmings, couples should be prepared to spend at least $1, 200 for their package.


FO Photography, Invites with two orange flowers on a ghost chair

Photo taken by FO Photography


Why do you think wedding stationery is important? 

The invitation (or save the date card) is usually the first opportunity for your guests to see your wedding “style” and feel. If that great first impression is what you are looking for, you may want to make custom stationery a priority on your list.
It’s also important to remember that wedding stationery is not just limited to invitations and RSVP cards. Seating charts, maps, signage, programs and place cards are all pieces of stationery that many clients find vital to making sure their event runs as smoothly as possible.

In your experience, how can a wedding invitation fail? 

The biggest way that an invitation can fail is if the message is not easily conveyed. This can happen if your invitation is too cluttered, or the type is too small to read. Grammar is also very important, and although we have moved away from some codes of etiquette with regard to wording, it is still important to give things a good proof read. 
Another fail that I see quite frequently is guests not knowing how many they are RSVPing for. Correct, although mostly unknown, etiquette states that the invitation is only intended for those names found on the mailing envelope. Many couples are now marking on the RSVP card how many seats will be reserved for each invitation. This helps to eliminate any awkward surprise guests. 

What do you think of the comment,

“It’s just paper, my guests will probably just throw it out”? 

Ha! I actually get that comment a lot. Although I rarely take offence to the statement, it’s a fairly good sign that custom stationery is probably not a good option for the client. I would then help them adjust their direction by steering them toward my design collection (found here). These designs are easily edited to the couples information and colours, yet are high quality and cheaper than ordering from some other online venues based in the United States.




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