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On October 25, 2017

In the spring, I designed a styled shoot to submit to local publications. Hopefully we’ll be able to share the images soon!

Anyhow, one of vendors involved in the shoot was the Wheelbarrow Gardener/Florist. Valerie designed our gorgeous flower arrangements and we also did the actual shoot in the studio. I am so glad that we got the chance to work together. On today’s blog entry I thought I’d share an interview with the company.


Who is the Wheelbarrow Florist?

The Wheelbarrow Florist is a floral design studio based in St. Albert that is passionate about providing our clients with stunning flower arrangements, along with design and decorative styling services, to ensure your wedding, events and holidays are full of creative details you will cherish and remember. We believe in building a personal relationship with you, understanding your wants and needs, giving you honest feedback and delivering clear value for your investment. We have been involved in the wedding industry for 4 years but we are always working towards improving our knowledge and services.

How would you describe your style?

Our style leans towards the garden or natural styles of things. In addition to the flowers, we like to use natural elements  such as wood, moss or natural textiles in our designs, you won’t find a lot of bling here at the studio. We prefer to use the flowers in their natural form so we tend to steer brides away from tinted or dyed flowers. Mother nature knows what she is doing I don’t think we can improve on that.



When should a potential client be contacting you about their floral needs?

Depending on how big the wedding is we would like to start 6-8 months out from your date, but that being said, it is really more important that you have an idea what you want, have your venue booked,  have purchased your dress – or at least know what style you want and have a colour scheme or themed picked.  If you need assistance deciding on some of these things (we can help) then it is better to do it sooner rather than later.

Who should come to the first in person consult?

Many times a bride will show up with all her bridesmaids, her mother and mother in law. These consults are generally unproductive. We like to have the first in person consult with just the bride and groom or bride and one bridesmaid and planner. We’re going to be providing a big component to your special day so we want to meet you, get to know you as a couple, learn your story and hear what you want. Many brides sacrifice what they want to appease their mother or other members of the family and then at the consult don’t really tell me what THEY want. We understand that if parents are paying for the wedding you may want to concede to their requests but if we meet you first and get to know you we can always incorporate a little bit of what you really want with what you feel they want you to have. We can always have those group meetings later to work out specifics but it’s your day let’s create something special for you.



Do you require a minimum floral budget?

We do have a starting price points for the basic elements of the wedding and we do have a minimum if we are required to deliver and set up, but every wedding is different and if we can create your vision within your budget then we would certainly be open to taking on your wedding. It never hurts to ask, some of the most beautiful weddings we’ve been a part of are small intimate affairs with small budgets and few floral elements.


Why should your clients have a picture of their dresses?

As designers we take cues from what you tell and show us as the vision for your day. We build a colour palette that’s complimentary to the bridesmaid dresses and we design a bouquet style that will compliment your figure, height and style of your dress. If you have a lot of beautiful beading on the front of your dress we don’t want to cover it up with a large bouquet. You paid a lot of money for that dress, let’s show it off.



What’s one piece of advice that you would like to give to the readers?

Most brides have been dreaming about their wedding since they were 8 yrs old and have an idea of what they want but sometimes their budget doesn’t always match their vision. Allow us to do what we are trained to do, allow us to suggest flowers, ideas and style alternatives to get to your vision. We really do want you to have the day that you have always dreamed of. We take pride in being a part of your special day so be flexible and trust us to create something beautiful for you.

If a client has allergies, can you still help them?

Most certainly, a good florist will know the characteristics of most flowers and will know which ones are more likely to incite an allergic reaction, we are not opposed to adding in a few permanent botanicals to get you the look you want without all the pollen and scent, and if need be we can create a beautiful look with no flowers at all, it’s all in the design.



You pack small towels with your bouquets, why?

All of our hand tied bouquets are delivered in a vase with water. Flowers are living things and like people need water to survive. We want the flowers to look as fresh at 10 pm at night as they did a 11am that morning. Dealing with the water in the vases can be troublesome for bridal parties as it can drip on your dress and cause water marks which doesn’t look great in pictures, so we provide a small white cloth with all deliveries so that you can dab off the bottom of the bouquet when you take it out of the vase. It’s these small customer service details that we pride ourselves on. With the amount of hours that we dedicate to each wedding we live it with you and want to make sure that of all the things that there is to think about during the day, the flowers are not one of them.

What other services do you offer?

Along with our wedding and corporate event planning, florals and design we offer:
-Online floral boutique. Floral arrangements designed with fresh flowers when you order them.
-Workshops for just about anything, calligraphy, flower arranging, seasonal workshops and so much more hosted by us and by others willing to share their passion for their craft.
-Our garden division offers, small project design, garden consulting, garden maintenance, and seasonal planters.
-Holiday styling for home and business.
-And finally we rent our studio as a small event venue, perfect for intimate events, photo shoots, pop up shops, birthday parties, bridal showers, and even small weddings.


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