Lovely Vintage Engagement Shoot-Rundle Park, Edmonton, Alberta

On September 21, 2016

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For a while now I’ve wanted to do a styled shoot with Rusty Bride Rentals. I’ve always loved antiques and vintage themes.

I think my love for them comes mostly from my father who has collected antiques for most of my life. The idea of antiques brings me that much closer to him; so I adore the concept of incorporating them within weddings/engagements. Plus, when Leah told me that they had a 1972 Norton Commando in their collection and I was sold.


Norton Commando motorbike, unique engagement shoot, Dreamgrapher, Rusty Bride Rentals


Our next step was finding the perfect photographer! I’ve known Shraddha Rathi of DreamGrapher for a few years now. I’ve followed her work religiously on her social media because I love her unique artistic eye. I thought she would be superb for this shoot. I reached out to her, and it turns out that she was drawn to the vintage theme and the 1972 Norton Commando as well.


Candy Apple Red Motobike engagement shoot, motorbike wedding, vintage rentals


Megan’s red wedges, the wicker picnic basket, and their sunglasses definitely make this photo one of my favorites. We wanted items that matched well with the motorbike.


I said yes, engagement session, vintage theme, Rusty Bride Rentals, Dreamgrapher


We had so much fun picking a choosing vintage items for each photo. Megan and Tyson were the perfect couple too! They made our jobs so much easier! I’m so grateful that they allowed us to do anything we wanted. As you can see, we even wrote with permanent pen on Megan’s hand! I was also delighted to see Megan’s sleeve tattoo (another love of mine).


Save the date ideas, vintage engagement session, Dreamgrapher, Rusty Bride Rentals


We thought we would come up with a few Save The Date ideas as well. I love this one! Rusty Bride Rental’s vintage chalkboard came in real handy too!


picnic themed engagement session, vintage themed engagement session, picnic


If you don’t already know this, I am a sucker for plaid! When Leah pulled out her plaid vintage blanket and antique plaid picnic basket my grin could not be hidden. I went directly to these awesome items.


1972 Norton Commando, Candy apple red motorbike, vintage engagement,


Shraddha was also able to capture some intimate moments between Megan and Tyson. These shots make me love everything about engagements and weddings.


vintage engagement photos, bride in white hat and white dress, Edmonton wedding, Edmonton engagement


Leah also brought out this perfect white hat to pull everything together. SOOOO cute!!


engagement photos, YEG wedding, Dreamgrapher, Artistic engagment shot


Of course we needed to add something that was unique to Canada during the summer/fall!! These geese are the perfect extra for a really artistic engagement shot.




From the cute red wedges, to red strawberries, to red plaid picnic basic, to the red motorbike, this picture is definitely one of my favorites.




These pictures are why I truly love weddings! I cherish these special moments that truly express the love between the couple.


engaged couple sitting on motorbike, engagement shots, Rusty Bride Rentals, motorbike rental




engagement photo, black and white, polka dots

Thank you to the amazing vendors who took part in this shoot. Be sure to check them out!


Leah Eskdale from Rusty Bride RentalsRusty Bride Rentals Website


Shraddha Rathi from DreamGrapher-Canada

DreamGrapher Canada, Edmonton Wedding photographer


Carolyn Schulz -Hair and Makeup


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